Helping Teens in the Justice System: Training Them to Do Outreach

Want to intervene with kids in the justice system, or who are headed there? The Campaign for Youth Justice is hosting a podcast on July 9th featuring two inspiring people who've turned their lives around and are doing just that: Clemmie Greenlee and Rodney Britton.
From the website:

Clemmie Greenlee is no stranger to the dangers of gang violence, street life and jail. From the time she was 12 until her early 40s, Clemmie was consumed by a world of gangs, violence, drugs and prostitution. This same world continues to exist today for too many of Nashville’s young people and Clemmie Greenlee is doing something about it.
In 2003, the same year she lost her only son to gang violence, Clemmie completed a recovery program and began to work as an advocate for those who were struggling with life in the streets. Now a tireless advocate and a source of inspiration and leadership in the community, Clemmie Greenlee is a Soros Fellow who runs a program called Galaxy Stars, a Nashville based organization dedicated to intervening in the lives of young people and serving those in need.
She joins us along with Rodney Britton, a former gang member who works as the Youth Outreach Coordinator for the Peace Makers Program, a project of Galaxy Stars that trains youth to become Peace Ambassadors and conduct outreach in their communities. Please join us to hear their stories.
One of the things that Ms. Greenlee is doing: training gang members to advocate for criminal justice reform.

Updated: July 07 2009