Healing From Trauma: Girls in Juvenile Justice; News Roundup

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  • Healing From Trauma: Girls in Juvenile Justice (Spark Action)
    Imagine being a child abused or neglected by someone you know, feeling unsafe in your own home, being betrayed by people who you should be able to trust. Where would you go? How would you cope with such traumatic experiences? For girls involved in the juvenile justice system, their options are very limited, and none of them would be seen as good choices from a middle class perspective.

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  • Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Opens Center for Youth and Families (Litchfield County Times)
    The center’s clinical manager, Joan M. Neveski, said bringing the two facilities under one roof has been a multi-year effort. Neveski has been working with the hospital since 2007, returning after working at the there for eight years during a previous period.
  • Children as Young as 12 Treated for Drug Abuse at Abu Dhabi Centre (The National UAE)
    Children as young as 12 years old are being treated for drug abuse at the National Rehabilitation Centre. In addition to the adults it deals with, the centre, which was launched in 2002, treats mostly male Emirati minors between the ages of 12 and 18.
  • We Should All Be Ashamed (Huffington Post)
    Because of inadequate treatment and housing, the mentally ill are extremely vulnerable to arrest for avoidable nuisance crimes -- it is as simple as stealing some food from a store, sleeping on a bench in a public park, or shouting back at voices in the middle of the night.

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Updated: November 07 2014