Day 2 Takeaways from the Reclaiming Futures Leadership Institute

We're spending the week in San Antonio for the Reclaiming Futures Leadership Institute (which you may already know if you're following @RFutures on Twitter). For those not on Twitter, we'll be posting updates here on the blog and on Facebook.
Here are our takeaways from Day 2:
Cora Crary, Learning Collaborative Manager, Reclaiming Futures

  • People are inclined to believe stories - with or without data.
  • However, if you share data without the story people are uncomfortable believing it (as an example read through any Harper's index and see if you believe everything you read) 

Liz Wu, Blog Editor, Reclaiming Futures

  • Data can tell a powerful story, but it needs to be simple and visual. 
  • We live in a "pay for results" climate where evidence-based practices reign, said Evan Elkin of the Vera Institute.
  • Should judges and courts tweet and post to Facebook? Maybe - but it needs to be thoughtful and strategic.


Liz Wu is a Digital Accounts Manager at Prichard Communications, where she oversees digital outreach for Reclaiming Futures and edits Reclaiming Futures Every Day. Before joining the Prichard team, Liz established the West Coast communications presence for the New America Foundation, where she managed all media relations, event planning and social media outreach for their 6 domestic policy programs. Liz received a B.A. in both Peace and Conflict Studies and German from the University of California at Berkeley. She tweets from @LizSF.

Updated: May 11 2012