Blog: CyberShoutout

Participate in National Drug Facts Week with the CyberShoutout on Oct. 28

The National Institute of Drug Abuse is encouraging anyone with a blog, Twitter profile or a Facebook account to participate in the National Drug Facts Week's (NDFW) CyberShoutout.
By Tweeting, blogging or updating your Facebook status on October 28, you can help spread the word about NDFW and educate teens about drug abuse. There are examples of each type of post up on the NDFW CyberShoutout website.
More about National Drug Facts Week:

NDFW is a health observance week for teens that addresses both facts and myths about drugs and drug abuse. Through community-‚Äêbased events and activities on the Web, TV and through contests, the National Institute of Drug Abuse is working to encourage teens to get answers from scientific experts. You can read more about NDFW here.