A Conversation Starter for Mental Health

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently launched a new online resource full of information on mental health. The site includes guides to warning signs of mental illness, how individuals can find help and how communities can host conversations about mental health. MentalHealth.gov seeks to launch a national conversation on illnesses, recovery and hope.
SAMHSA supports the website with a Toolkit for Community Conversations About Mental Health with the first section released on June 3, 2013. The Toolkit is a component to rally support and conversations in the community about mental health with features like an “Information Brief,” a “Discussion Guide” and an “Organizing Guide.”
The website and SAMHSA’a Toolkit confront some of the greatest challenges people face including: Anxiety disorders, Eating disorders, Mental Health and substance abuse, Mood disorders and Suicidal behavior. There is space for story sharing and support groups, along with an abundance of information about the prevention and treatment of mental health to help communities work together.

Jaclyn Chelf is a Digital and Social Media Intern at Prichard Communications. She is graduating in June, 2013 from the University of Oregon where she had been studying Journalism, Public Relations and Communication studies. She loves warm weather, the outdoors and her dog.

Updated: June 08 2013