Children’s Law Center Releases Two Publications on Ohio Youth in the Criminal Justice System

The Children’s Law Center (CLC) recently released a report titled “Falling Through the Cracks: A New Look at Ohio Youth in the Adult Criminal Justice System” and an accompanying publication called “In Their Own Words.” The report focuses on youth in Ohio who are transferred to the adult court system or held in adult jails and prisons, while the second document highlights the stories and experiences of eight individuals – four family members and four youth – who have been personally affected by Ohio’s policy of transferring (or binding over) youth to the adult system.
In recent decades, changing Ohio laws have caused more youth to come into contact with the adult criminal justice system. Although the state has more recently taken steps to change this, the current process has resulted in over 300 youth placed in adult courts or adult jails and prisons each year throughout Ohio.

“Falling Through the Cracks” examines recent national research that suggests harmful effects of these policies. It also analyzes the widespread shift toward reducing the number of youth in adult court by states across the country – including Ohio. Extensive Ohio-specific data on outcomes for youth who are turned over to adult court, and recommendations on how best to modify Ohio law and practices are also provided. The report and wider reform efforts proffer that by reducing the number of youth in adult court, Ohio’s youth and communities can ultimately be made safer.

Brooke Preston is an Acting Digital Account Executive at Prichard Communications, where she creates strategies and content for a number of clients including Reclaiming Futures. Brooke is a seasoned writer, editor and content consultant whose background is centered in journalism, nonprofit communications and brand development counsel. Brooke received a B.S.S. in Music and Media Studies from Ohio University. 

Updated: February 08 2018