CASA and Join Together Merge: Big News for Addictions Field

CASA + Join together logosTwo major organizations involved in fighting addiction and substance abuse have merged: CASA -- the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University -- and Join Together, based at Boston University. (Both, incidentally, are Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grantees, like Reclaiming Futures).

CASA is known for its research and studies related to addiction. For example, every year it publishes the results of its "National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse." You can download the most recent survey, focusing on "Teens and Parents," for free (there's a fee for hard copies). Another example is its 2004 report, "Criminal Neglect: Substance Abuse, Juvenile Justice and The Children Left Behind,"which it described as "the most comprehensive study ever undertaken of substance abuse and the state juvenile justice systems."
Meanwhile, Join Together is a trusted source of breaking news about addictions, including research updates, funding news, and legislative activity.  Go here to get a flavor of its coverage.
This seems like good news. Merging CASA's research with Join Together's expertise at disseminating news and information seems to make a lot of sense; we hope both will be become even stronger!

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Updated: January 15 2009