Can Puppets Keep Kids Out of the Juvenile Justice System?

keep-kids-out-of-the-juvenile-justice-system-with-puppets-video-stillCan puppets keep kids out of the juvenile justice system? Surprisingly, the answer is "yes."
Because “early onset aggression in children as young as age 3 is the single most-important predictor of later delinquency, substance abuse and violence," Professor Carolyn Webster-Stratton at the University of Washington developed the curriculum, "The Incredible Years," part of which involves using puppets to communicate with young, at-risk children.

An approach classed as early intervention, "The Incredible Years" is in SAMHSA's database of evidence-based practices and is used on chlidren aged 2-12. Above is a video still from Webster-Stratton's hour-long faculty lecture describing the intervention, complete with video clips of its techniques in action. (Click on the still to see the video.)

Updated: February 08 2018