Boston Recovery School Turns Teen Addicts into Graduates

Last night, CBS News ran a segment on a recovery school in Boston that takes teen addicts and turns them into graduates with a bright future.

For students, the recovery school is a place to learn while also receiving recovery support from staff who have struggled with these issues themselves.

And the good news is that the recovery schools are successful! According to the segment, public schools in Boston have a 63% graduation rate, while the recovery school has a 70% graduation rate with many of the students continuing on to college.

Liz Wu is a Digital Accounts Manager at Prichard Communications, where she oversees digital outreach for Reclaiming Futures and edits Reclaiming Futures Every Day. Before joining the Prichard team, Liz established the West Coast communications presence for the New America Foundation, where she managed all media relations, event planning and social media outreach for their 6 domestic policy programs. Liz received a B.A. in both Peace and Conflict Studies and German from the University of California at Berkeley. She tweets from @LizSF.

Updated: February 08 2018