Bonus Roundup: NC Proposal Would Raise Age for Juvenile Prosecution from 16 to 18; Illinois Sticker Shock Campaign Addresses Adults Buying Alcohol for Teens; and More

juvenile-justice-adolescent-treatment-news-newspaperThere's so much going on, I had to post another news roundup this week:

  • Illinois teens and adults recntly conducted a "Sticker Shock" campaign, according to Join Together.  The campaign uses stickers and posters in cooperating liquor stores to remind adults that providing alcohol to minors is illegal. (Tip: interesting reader comments follow the story.)
  • Fortunately, a recent survey by the Partnership for a Drug-Free American found that many parents are already aware of the dangers of prescription drug abuse by teens.
  • Researchers at the University of California at Irvine are using text messages in a bid to learn more about pre-teen alcohol drinking patterns. 
  • Anyone interested in taking part in the Faces and Voices of Recovery rally in New York on September 12, 2009 can apply to be a delegate, according to Join Together. Being a delegate means you're willing to share the story of your recovery, participate in the huge procession across the Brooklyn Bridge, and you get your airfare and hotel paid ... Applications are due May 15th. Don't know if there are provisions for it, but wouldn't it be great to have teens participate?

Updated: February 08 2018