Blog: Alaska

Reclaiming Futures in Anchorage, Alaska

Tom Begich, coach and former project director in Anchorage Alaska, describes how Reclaiming Futures has transcended anything they ever imagined to create a safer, healthier community. 

  • Crime and substance abuse rates are down
  • Graduation rates are up 
  • Evidence-based practices are driving change

Alaska's Juvenile Justice System

Alaska Public Radio recently aired a segment on Alaska's juvenile justice system. In order to better understand the system and how it works, they interviewed Brian Petrilla, a teen-bankrobber-turned-adult-probation-officer and Rob Wood, the Deputy Director of the Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice. During the interview, Brian explains how and why he encountered the juvenile justice system and how he was able to turn his life around. Rob goes on to explain how the Division of Juvenile Justice is able to:

  1. Hold youth accountable for their actions;
  2. Promote the safety and restorization of victims and their communities; and
  3. Equip young offenders and their families with the skills to help prevent future crime.  

Click here to listen.