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adolescent-substance-abuse-treatment-NIATx-logoThis is huge. If you represent an adolescent substance abuse treatment provider, then you should run, not walk, over to the NIATx ACTION Campaign II site to take part in a free 18-month initiative to help you reduce costs, improve services, and increase revenue.
Even if you don't represent a treatment provider, you should email this post to providers in your area right away -- to both adult and teen providers, substance abuse treatment and mental health treatment -- it doesn't matter. They'll bless you for it.

What the heck is the NIATx Action Campaign II?  And what, for that matter, is NIATX?
I've always been huge fan of the National Initiative to Improve Addiction Treatment (NIATx) -- it's smart, focused, and helps addiction and behavioral healthcare providers do four things:

  1. reduce wait times
  2. reduce client no-shows
  3. increase admissions
  4. increase client engagement

In the past, however, providers had to be the beneficiaries of a grant in order to participate. No longer.
Right now, you can sign up for free. It looks like it began August 11th, but it doesn't appear to be too late to join. According to their website, here's why you should:

  • No cost to participate
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Learn simple, usable process improvement tools
  • Learn strategies to address financial challenges
  • Improve staff retention and morale
  • Connect with peers from across the country
  • Learn strategies to improve customer access and engagement using existing resources
  • Enhance the perceived value of behavioral healthcare

If you want to improve your adolescent substance abuse treatment services, you'll want to make sure your community's providers jump on this train before it leaves the station. 
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Updated: September 16 2009