Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment: NIATx Third-Party Billing Guide

adolescent-substance-abuse-treatment_woman-and-printing-calculatorWith parity legislation and the changes that health care reform will bring, agencies that treat adolescents will need to adapt their business practices.
Reform expands available funding for prevention, treatment and recovery support services. It also opens the door to third-party reimbursement.
NIATx developed the NIATx Third-party Billing Guide to help agencies create or improve a system for billing third-party payers. The guide includes step-by-step instructions to implement a billing system, improve collections, and strengthen the business practices essential to stability and growth.

Download a copy of the NIATx Third-party Billing Guide today!

Kim Johnson, MBA, is the deputy director for operations of NIATx, a research center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that focuses on systems improvement in behavioral health.
Photo: BXGD.

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Updated: February 08 2018