Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment - Confidentiality & Consent Resources

Want more info on how to handle confidentiality when it comes to teens getting treatment for substance abuse? Here's two great resources:

  • Confidentiality and Communication: a Guide to the Federal Drug & Alcohol Confidentiality Law and HIPAA, from the Legal Action Center in New York City. This is the gold standard guide when it comes to how to share information across agencies and still protect the rights of the client.
  • Kelly Graves, who serves as Community Fellow for the Reclaiming Futures site in Guilford County, North Carolina, recently shared with me a useful 3-page guide her agency put out for the state of North Carolina, titled, "Confidentiality and Consent for Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment." For those of you not in North Carolina, perhaps it can serve as a useful model for a similar document for your own state.

Anyone else got a resource of this kind to share?

Updated: February 08 2018