Prioritizing public health and wellbeing for youth and communities

Equity is the third and most important pillar of the Reclaiming Futures mission. We believe there is no public health or justice in society unless all youth and families have equal access opportunities to achieve wellness and fair treatment across the full justice continuum, from school discipline to the courts, and ultimately to community reentry for youth who do get detained or incarcerated.    

After two decades of reforms, we now detain and incarcerate significantly fewer youth, we have an impressive array of community based alternatives to traditional juvenile justice practices, and schools are on their way to abandoning ineffective zero-tolerance school discipline practices in favor of restorative justice-based approaches.  Still, despite two decades of impressive reforms in youth justice and school discipline practices, racial disparities persist and have in many states worsened over time at every point in these systems.

Reclaiming Futures provides dedicated support to youth serving systems tackling racial and ethnic disparities. We build innovative data-driven tools and approaches, which we hope will finally move a needle stuck for decades.

Updated: January 07 2018