Dayton, Ohio Appoints New Reclaiming Futures Project Director

Judge Nick Kuntz, Judge Anthony Capizzi and the Montgomery County Juvenile Court welcome Michelle White to the Reclaiming Futures Team in Dayton, Ohio. Michelle began her career with the Court nine years ago as a Probation Officer. Throughout her tenure with the Court, Michelle has served as a Gender Specific Probation Officer and as the Intensive Probation Supervisor. Michelle is very passionate about working with families, volunteers and the community. She has been involved with the Reclaiming Futures movement in Dayton throughout her time with the Court and is looking forward to building on earlier successes.
Michelle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Wright State University and a Master's Degree in Justice Administration from Tiffin University. She is happily married to her husband of nine years and has a two year old son.


Eric J. Shafer is the Director of Finance and Human Resources at the Montgomery County Juvenile Court in Dayton, Ohio. Eric has worked in the Justice arena his entire career. Over the past 8 years Eric has served as the Director of Probation Services where he played a key role in the development and implementation of the Reclaiming Futures Model. Eric serves as the Justice Fellow for Montgomery County, Dayton and has been involved in a number of projects locally and nationally promoting the Reclaiming Futures movement. He can be reached at

Updated: February 08 2018