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Reclaiming Futures in Ohio

In Ohio, Reclaiming Futures fellow Carol Martin was featured in the Logan Daily News Reporter for her work to combat drug abuse by providing educational materials to local educators and agencies.

After learning about local teen drug abuse, Carol ordered booklets from the Foundation for a Drug-Free World (which you can request here) and began bringing them to schools. The booklets detail each kind of drug, its nicknames, and short and long term effects on the human body and mind. It also includes information on what happens when teens combine drugs and other substances.

From the article:

Carol Martin, a member of Reclaiming Futures, a community coalition designed to mentor and assist youth in the community, says she believes the materials will be useful to both educators and parents. “I thought it would be great for the schools, and it’s a different way than just sitting and talking about drugs,” she said.

After using the booklets in North Carolina, that state saw a 40% decrease in the number of deaths or accidental poisonings, and Carol is hopeful that they will have a similar effect in Ohio. 

Great job, Carol! Keep up the good work and please keep us updated on your progress.

*Photo by Flickr user jimmywayne

Liz Wu is a Digital Accounts Manager at Prichard Communications, where she oversees digital outreach for Reclaiming Futures and edits Reclaiming Futures Every Day. Before joining the Prichard team, Liz established the West Coast communications presence for the New America Foundation, where she managed all media relations, event planning and social media outreach for their 6 domestic policy programs. Liz received a B.A. in both Peace and Conflict Studies and German from the University of California at Berkeley.





Hi Liz, I wanted to share something I've found to be very informative and easy to understand regarding drug abuse effects on the body. This has been very helpful in educating young people about the dangers of drug abuse for me. I work with a clinic that treats more young people than we'd like to see having to battle addiction. Hopefully this reaches the right hands before it's too late.

Thank you for offering your booklets here as well.




Thank you so much for sharing this incredibly helpful infographic on drug use in the United States and their effects on various organs.

Would you be interested in writing a guest post for this blog on your experiences talking with young people about drugs and drug abuse? Please contact me at lizATprichardcommunicationsDOTcom.